jetBLUE Protein Staining Solution

Size: 500ML

Note: Protein Staining / Coomassie-Based / Safe Stain / Protein Gel Electrophoresis / PAGE
Categories: Staining Reagent

jetBLUE, Protein staining solution, is a ready-to-use colloidal coomassie blue G-250 protein staining solution for SDS-PAGE. It is formulated for fast and sensitive protein detection. Without involvement of hazards such as methanol and acetic acid, jetBLUE is considered to be safe and environmentally friendly. jetBLUE is also compatible with mass spectrophotometry.



Waiting for Your Protein Bands?

For applying enhanced protein staining techniques, jetBLUE could achieve protein staining as fast as 5~10 minutes.

● Sensitivity at about 10 ng (by BSA).
● Optimal protein band visualization within 10 minutes.
● The absence of unpleasant methanol, acetic acid, and any other toxic agents.
● Applicable to native PAGE, SDS-PAGE, isoelectric focusing, and 2D gels.

  • Container: box for gel staining
  • Shaker: orbital or rocking shaker
  1. After SDS-PAGE is finished; remove the gel from cassette and incubate the gel in distilled water with three changes of fresh water, 10 minutes each time.
  2. Decant water and submerge the gel in proper amount of jetBLUE dye, enough to cover the gel. Mildly agitate the staining box temperature for an hour at room temperature.
  3. Remove the dye solution carefully. Wash the membrane with large amount of distilled water with shaking.
  4. The de-staining can be an hour with changes of water to facilitate or left in distilled water over night for a clearer background.
  1. The first step, incubation of gel in distilled water, is important for removal of SDS. No need to fix the gel in organic solvent as is necessary in regular coomassie blue staining procedure.
  2. The dye solution may contain blue clumps. This is normal and easily dissolved in distilled water.
  3. One hour incubation in dye solution reaches maximum staining effects for mini-gel (0.75mm). If the gel is thicker, longer time is required.
  4. Long incubation in distilled water for destaining helps a clear background without compromising staining effects.

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