BIO-HELIX - RT001-0050

RScript Reverse Transcriptase / 50 Reactions

Size: 50 reactions

Note: RT enzyme / MMLV RTase / RNA template / Complementary DNA / cDNA / Reverse Transcription / Molecular cloning / RNA sequencing / PCR / Genome Analysis / superscript
Categories: RNA Reagent

Overcome the most challenging RNA structures over a wide temperature range.

Bio-Helix RScript Reverse Transcriptase - Engineered innovatively and specifically for both Research and Diagnostic applications for meeting all your cDNA synthesis needs and for overcoming the most challenging secondary RNA structures over a wide temperature range. Our next-generation, engineered recombinant M-MLV reverse transcriptase, with improved thermostability, processivity, robustness, optimal cDNA yields, proprietary site mutations for reduced RNase H activity, and extended half-life, is the most versatile reverse transcriptase in the world for not only simply meeting the routine cDNA synthesis requirements but also enabling superior performance for even the most challenging RNA samples at hand.


Figure 1. Stability of RScript reverse transcriptase: 
The stability RT-qPCR data shows the performance of RScript reverse transcriptase is maintained without any significant alteration in performance at 37 °C after a period of 3 weeks (21 days), demonstrating its high resistance to temperature and time. The percentage of RScript reverse transcriptase activity was calculated by dividing values at each reaction temperature.


A: Bio-Helix RScript reverse transcriptase #RT001-0050
B: Promega Improm II #A3802
C: Thermo SuperScript III #18080093
D: SuperScript IV #18090010

Figure 2. Enhancement of the thermostability:
Reverse transcription of a 1 kb fragment ARHGAP29 RNA using RScript reverse transcriptase or competitor reverse transcriptases were used to carry this experiment. Regardless of the variations in temperatures (42 -60 °C) RScript reverse transcriptase shows a stable and superior performance at higher temperatures of up to 60 ℃ compared to other brands. The molecular weight marker used was DNA Ladder 1kb #SDL-1000R.


Red: Bio-HeliX RScript reverse transcriptase #RT001-0050
Green: Improm-II #A3802
Blue: Superscript IV #18090010
Figure 3. Performing RT-qPCR with RScript reverse transcriptase :
At a temperature of 55 °C, RScript reverse transcriptase exceeds performance demonstrating better efficiency and higher cDNA yields.
RScript reverse transcriptase shows a stable and superior performance at 55 ℃ compared to other brands. Therefore RScript reverse transcriptase does not encounter significant higher Ct values compared to Improm II and SuperScript IV due to their low amounts of input cDNA.

*Promega Improm-II #A3802 is a registered trademark of Promega, Thermo Superscript-III #18080093 and Superscript-IV #18090010 are registered trademarks of Thermo Scientific. The trademark holders are not affiliated with Bio-Helix Co., Ltd. and do not endorse these products.

  • Excellent reverse transcriptase for challenging COVID-19 RNA detection.
  • Enzyme activity stable even when stored at 37°C over 21 days.
  • Enhanced thermostability from 42°C to 60°C.
  • Good for Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP)

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