BIO-HELIX - MB200-P100

2X PCR SuperMix

Size: 100 rxns (2 x 1.25mL)

Note: 2X Concentrated Master Mix / 2X Taq PCR Premix / DNA Amplification / Polymerases & Amplification Technologies
Categories: PCR Reagent

2X PCR SuperMix is a cocktail of calculated amounts of Mg++, dNTPs, and recombinant Taq DNA Polymerase for highly efficient amplification of nucleic acid templates by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). 2X PCR SuperMix is supplied at a 2X concentration that allows the easy calculation of its final concentration for adding the primer and template to the mixture. The supplied reagent is sufficient for 100 amplification reactions of 50 μL each. The 2X PCR SuperMix is very stable, and no detectable reduction of PCR performance or enzyme activity is observed after storage for 3-6 months at 4°C. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles do not reduce performance or activity.

● Storage and Heat Endurance

Prolonged 37°C storage: enzyme activity maintains the same level after 21 days at 37°C.


● Super high speed - One-minute extension

➤ Template: Lambda
➤ DNA Primer: FW #1469; RV1kb #1472, 2kb #1473, 3kb #1474


● High sensitivity

➤ Template: human gDNA: 3000 to 3 copies
➤ Primer (methyltransferase): FW #1458, RV #1459


● Amplification of long targets up to 5kb from Lambda DNA

➤ Template : Lambda DNA
➤ Primer: • FW #1469
               • RV1kb #1472, 2kb #1473, 3kb #1474, 4kb #1499, 5kb #1498

Storage and Heat Endurance: 21 days in 37°C stable.
Super high speed : Complete 2 kb in 60 seconds (30b ~ 50b/sec in extension).
High sensitivity: Low copy number of template amplification.
Amplification of long targets up to 5kb from Lambda DNA.
Best balance between performance and value.