BIO-HELIX - QSD01-0100

PanGreen™ Universal SYBR® Green Master Mix

Size: 100 reactions (20 μl vol)

Categories: Real-Time PCR Reagent

* Enhanced Nano complex-mediated hot start enzyme DNA Polymerase.
* Maximizes product yield with Nano technology.
* Nonspecific bands are eliminated during reaction.
* Compatible with the majority of qPCR systems.

PanGreenTM Universal SYBR® Green Master Mix is a 2x concentrated, ready for use Master Mix reaction enhanced for dye-based quantitative PCR (qPCR) and compatible with the majority of commercially available real-time PCR systems (ROX-independent and ROX-dependent). It contains NanoTaq hot-start DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, SYBR® Green I dye, enhancers, stabilizers and essentials for a success PCR reaction.  

Figure 1. Performance of PanGreen™ Universal SYBR® Green Master Mix

A 500 bp human genomic DNA target was used to compare the two leading competing QPCR Master Mixes. All amplifications were performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. PanGreen™ Universal SYBR® Green Master Mix exhibited to be effective (mean Ct : 21.29) and highly specific because no second amplification signal could be identified with the melting curve .The results show that it has the best performance as compared with other QPCR Master Mix suppliers.

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